Sunday, October 12, 2008

Orange Trail Salt Fork

Gorgeous day for a trail run. I was down in Salt Fork again. This time I had my Garmin, which tells me my orange trail loop is 7.2 miles. And I found a spot to drop water off around mile 3, which will make water restocking much easier!

See, this pic was taken while running, and I was running so fast that the trees in the background were a

Just found a cool post by Lana. I spent alot of time on this run reflecting and thinking about future runs and goals. I need goals. I need to have something to train toward and plan toward. I'm thinking a little about Rocky Raccoon again. With it being the first week of February, it would make me start to really train-not just exist and toddle along like I feel I have done for most of 2008-but really train for my next 100.


  1. Glad to hear you're laying out some goals for yourself Kimba! I can't wait to heckle you at Burning River!

  2. Beautiful pics. You look like you have an amazing place to run.

  3. Lana laid it out. That is heavy stuff.

    But she also points out that it is not just a goal to be checked off. It is a lifelong committment. To take care of your body for ever. To do things. Not just once, but continually. Because you can.

    That is the challenge. To go out the door just for the sake of being out there.

    When I was in the Army we would drink a beer and celebrate the day for what it was, that Date in History. It will never occur again. Same with the sunrise you get up early to witness while running, and the sunset that occurs when you are out there running. To be out there running when you have a chance. To witness the weather, the trail, feel the wind.

    I love to watch Orion when I am out running. This time of year he is up early. In the spring he will stay up late. He is always up there, if you want to meet him for a run you just need to know what time he will be out there.

    Hope that this helps with your motivation. Not meant to be a rant.

  4. What a beautiful place to do trail runs! I'm envious. I grew up in the southeast, and often miss the leaf-littered woods for running in.


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