Friday, June 1, 2012

Angela Ivory RIP

I find out on Facebook that my friend, Angela Ivory passed away.

I am sad.  Angela fought a long long long bought with cancer.

Angela had a blog. It is HERE.  She laid it all out, her fights with her body, and the cancer.

Angela was a trail runner and an ultra runner and she was ALWAYS so happy to be out there.

I want to say I first met her at Mohican in 2007, but maybe it was Rocky in 2008?

Anyways, our paths would cross, and it was always so good to see her, with her positive energy, and her huge SMILE.

I last shared trail with her at the Big Bear Lake 12 Hour Event, in West Virginia, last year.  Angela had been gravitating to events that would let her get her miles in, because Angela was an ultra runner!

Photo: I think this sums it up for Angela.  You will be missed.

Thanks for being in my life, Angela.  We will meet up again.

A nice arcticle about Angela, here 

Another article here

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