Monday, June 25, 2012

Last Run at Home

Today, Monday, is my day off work. I work Tuesday and Wednesday, and I know I am not going to get a run in after work-need to spend as much "me" time with the husband and the pups. So I got out this morning for my usual 10K around the block, the last one before heading West.
Deer Trail off the road

Neighbor's Barn

a Toyota Landcruiser for sale.

Just what I see daily on my run

Amish Barn

It was a very animal free run.  No Scooter the dog, no beagles, only two of the Gump dogs; no cows in the pasture, no goats in the pasture.  Must have been in the alternate meadows.

I listened to the Dirt Bag Diaries and felt very light on my feet (although Garmin didn't seem to agree with me.)  A nice wind was blowing, there was low humidity.  A good run to shake out the legs and calm the nerves.

I fly to Denver on Thursday, and get to hang out in Gombu's basement until July 4.  I don't really have any plans made for this time.  I believe we are going to attend the Arapahoe Basin Trail Race on July 1 before picking up Baby Saquatch at the airport.  It's a 4.8 mile race-around 12,000 feet.  (Note:  I plan on pretty much hiking this!!!)

On July 4,  Eric and I will pick up Cam and Slim and head off to Leadville!!  Yes, home of the Leadville 100 Race.  Current plans are to hike Hope Pass, and the next day, to climb Mount Massive, one of the 14'ers.

After that, we will head further south, to the San Juan Mountains, to see as much course as we can, before heading to our base camp in Silverton.

I am planning on blogging this whole amazing journey, as I don't think I will be off the grid so much-just during the daytime hours! Stay tuned!

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  1. Nice pictures, Kimba. Enjoy your trip and Leadville!


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