Thursday, June 14, 2012


Okay, I am behind in my packing and my lists.

I have to have lists for races. If I don't have lists, and items checked off, I have no idea if I brought the item.

This is one of those "travelling" races where you have to bring everything. I am flying to the race, so I don't want to have the airlines lose anything crucial.

The good part about this race is my friend lives out West, so I am going to ship a box out before the race.

Which means soon. So I need to get the lists made, so I can pack the box, so I know what stuff is where!

Shoe Update

My Montrail Bajads were shredded after MMT.  Evidence below:

I called Montrail.  I got a very bored phone representative who asked me why I didn't return them to the store that I had bought them out.  But she gave me a RA (return authorization) number and cautioned me that the shoes had to be clean.

So then I hopped onto the website where I had bought the shoes, Road Runner Sports.  I discovered, since I am a VIP member, there is a 90 day Test Run Policy. Huh.  Well, it's been less than 90 days since I bought them, so I read through the fine print; sure enough, just return them, for either a refund or exchange.

I believe the shoes went out last Friday or Monday, and I just got an email from Road Runner Sports saying they recieved the shoes and credited my account.  Awesome!

I know many times it is better to patronize your local running sport.  My closest running store-which doesn't stock trail shoes-is 47 miles away.  So I buy most of my shoes, and gear online.

So what shoes go to Hard Rock?  I have been wearing a pair of La Sportiva Raptors with good results. I wore those shoes for some rocky miles on the Laurel Highlands Trail.  I will also bring my spare unripped Montrail Bajadas and my La Sportiva Cross Lites.  This will be drop bag shoes, in case I want to swap them out.


  1. The Bajadas did the same thing to me after about 100-miles of training -- not MMT miles. I think it's the overlays that Montrail put on the shoe causing the upper to break down so fast; especially when wet. These shoes have grown on me and I really like them. Montrail definitely has some fine tuning to do though.

  2. Great that they are going to credit you for the shoes! Gear gets expensive, you want it to last.

    Your lists could be published as How Tos for ultra running. It's be like insider information! ;-)

  3. thanks for sharing the follow-up story about your montrails, kim. glad you were able to return them, and i hope you have better luck with your next pair.
    good luck with the packing! i am with you on the necessity of list writing!

  4. I buy my gear online (when I buy it). Support is good, but so do extra dollars (and return policy when things like that happen). Backcountry is my place to go, 1 year return no question asked. Good move on shipping a box.


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