Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Salt Fork in Pics

"You're going to Salt Fork, right"?

The husband asked. Uh, no, I was planning on running the 11 mile loop around the block, but since he thought that, and my lower back was hurting, I thought dirt miles would be more helpful than road miles.

"I sure am!!"

The spring on the road, on the way to SF. Always replenish my gallon jug and whatever bottles are in the vehicle.

Super secret trail head. Actually a deer trail through the willows, to the bridle trail.

Geese on the beach by the lake

A little uphill, getting away from the beach

He was sleeping right beside the trail.

Not very scared or anxious to move off

A little pine woods to run through

The Ultra Trail Goddess.  Cut two inches off the hair so I won't have to be bothered out West.

Almost stepped right on Mr Box Turtle

About mile six or so.

Almost done with the loop

Ran the purple bridle trail

I don't know why my back has been very stiff, maybe sleeping in my vehicle Friday night? 

A great morning in the woods. The humidity and heat of Monday long gone, it was maybe 60 degrees at the start, 68 at the end.  Very happy miles for me.  Lots of positive contemplation and affirmation out there.  I love running with people, as I mainly run alone, but it was good to be by myself today.

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