Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Beaujolais Noveau Day!

Yes it is that third weekend in November, where the Beaujolais Noveau wine, newly bottled, is released and rushed to drinking establishments all over the globe!

This young red wine bottled just 6-8 weeks after the grapes are hand-picked.

More BN facts:

The first Nouveau vintage was released in 1951, making this the 60th anniversary edition. Beaujolais Nouveau was originally the wine of the vineyard workers, consumed to celebrate the end of harvest and giving them a first taste of the new vintage. By law, Beaujolais grapes must be harvested by hand and grown on individual, free standing vines in the region of Burgundy.

Our little store (which is actually the local liquor store) actually had the BN in stock.

More interesting, he had sold almost a case of it before we arrived at noon! There are other wine drinkers in the area, who knew? 

The husband and I went out for lunch, then bought the wine, then came home.  It was so nice and sunny out I decided to get that run in before uncorking the bottle.

Don't eat a Reuben sandwich and fries and then go run one hour later. That sandwich sat like a rock and I got to burp up all the tastiness during the run.  Other than dragging my 4 lb lunch around with me, it was a fabulous SUNNY run.

Then we uncorked the wine.

Tasting notes:  Fruity. Very fruity.  Well, it's a 2012.   It was a typical BN, kind of sweet, reminiscent of a Lambrusco.  There's a reason I drink this once a year.

But hey, having a full day to celebrate the unveiling of a 2012 harvest, what's wrong with that? 



  1. Nothing wrong with a solid Lambrusco.
    I remember drinking a lot of that in Germany when i was in the Army.

  2. ...but not all Lambruscos are created equal! :)


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