Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Reverb 2012

I first learned, and participated in reverb 10.

Reverb it was a daily writing practice that focused on examining the previous year and sending out reverberations for a positive year ahead. It was originally founded by Gwen Bell and last year she was joined by Cali and Kaileen in hosting it. Shortly after sending out my tweet an email popped up in my inbox. Because I’d participated in Reverb last year I was on the mailing list. In short, the email said that there would be no Reverb this year as the hosts are in a very different place in their lives right now. It also gave tips for hosting your own Reverb. 

I had all good intentions on participating  in Reverb11, with prompts generated from other writers/bloggers/tweeters.

But then December4-the Hardrock Lottery occurred-and all thoughts of reflection and reverberations were pretty much slammed out of my  head for December. I couldn't wrap my head around anything last December.

This year December will be a much calmer month. I'm not entering the HR lottery (promised husband I wouldn't go to HR in 2013, so I didn't even enter the lottery) so I don't see any big surprises coming my way.

I am looking forward to another homegrown year of Reverb12.  I haven't found much blogging or posting on anyone with prompts yet for the month, although I did sign up for a newsletter for prompts, I haven't gotten any notification yet.

So I have cobbled together prompts from other bloggers from previous years. If, when I copied and pasted, I will keep the credit to where I believe the prompt came from. Others, many, will not. If I use your prompt and you want credit, please just let me know.

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  1. This is fantastic! I'm definitely in. I did #reverb10 and # weverb11, so feel free to look up those prompts on my blog from last year, if you need. They're all credited.


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