Wednesday, November 28, 2012


The trail goddess goes to the track..

Well, not for a speed workout, just a few turns around the track.

32 turns in all, for 8 miles.

The high school track is right by the river, and it was a windy but sunny day.

So for half a lap I was warm; then I would hit the wind and be pretty cold for a  half lap.

Warm-cold-warm-cold-warm-cold-well you get the idea.

NO I do not count laps; that's what the Garmin is there for. 

I did change directions at 4 miles and reversed on the track, getting warm and cold in a different direction.

Hamstrings were a big tight, but I've run completely flat for the last three days.

I'm getting used to the steady, daily running.  I am kind of impressed that I have been running solid 40+ mile weeks (last week was 59 miles) without any (major)  aches and pains.  My "old" impression was, whenever I got up to around 50+ miles running, "something" would start to hurt.  But I am consistently running six days a week, and so far have been able to absorb the training.  I really like that.

I have also been using a recovery drink after each workout these days too, I don't remember if I have mentioned this.  I used to just use Recoverite, from Hammer Nutrition, after a long effort-like a 14+ mile run. Now I am using a recovery drink daily.  I used up all my Recoverite, and now I am using "Ultragen" from First Endurance.  Both the Hammer and First Endurance products work for me, but the "Cappacino" flavor from First Endurance wins the flavor front, hands down.  It makes quite a tasty drink post run!

I think having the recovery drink is helping quite a bit with the increase in the running schedule, so if you have only been using the recovery product on long runs, like me before,  you might want to experiment and see if that helps after each workout. 

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  1. Nice miles you're getting in, Kimba! 8 miles on a track, now that's mental fortitude. I don't know how the 24 hour people do it.


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