Saturday, November 3, 2012

Trail Time

I had six miles on the agenda today.

I elected to go to Salt Fork State Park.   There was a "10 Mile Challenge" Race taking place on the Bigfoot 50K loop, so I started out my run in a different location, where I start out on a deer trail, then hop onto the Purple Bridle Trail.

Oh, I was so happy to be on trails again, after a week of road running!

The trails were in pretty good shape too.  Despite a week of mostly rain,the trails had not much traffic on them.  The footing was good.

The racers had all  exited the trail before I got to the portion that they had used.  I was happy to see no trash on the trail.

It was good to be back on trail.  As I came up the blue hiking trail, I was startled to see, on the opposite hillside, so many trees uprooted from the June derecho.  With most of the leaves gone, it's easy to see the power of the winds from the summer.

I'm planning on running the Bigfoot Loop tomorrow, so it was good to see the trails in such good shape. A great rejuvenating run for  me!

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