Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Better Run Today

A day off from work. I woke up to see the hillside below totally shrouded in fog or light rain.  I knew  I had a fair bit of free time before some medical appointments ( a follow up mammogram and ultrasound) that I had to get out the door about 130 pm.

The schedule called for an 8 mile run, and since I have eschewed the schedule for the last few days, I was bound and determined to follow it.  But I really lacked the energy.  My back was still strained after too much volunteering at YUTC on Saturday.  I donned the clothes and my new pair of Hokas and went anyways.

The morning was nice and cool.  I felt sluggish.  I glanced down at my watch-yes I am sluggish.  I decide I just don't care and I am out to just run.  Just run your route, Kimba.  Time really is not important or an issue right now.  But consistency is.

I wore my new purple/pink Hoka One One hybrids out of the box, and they are just as comfortable as my first pair.  My original Hokas have about 450 miles on them, and they are getting worn on the bottom.  But hey, they have lasted longer in mileage than my other go-to shoe, my La Sportiva Raptors.

I am amused at my awesome color coordination.  My purple shorts and pink top match my new running shoes! (I had just randomly picked up running clothes and donned them, not thinking about matching..)

I started to feel a bit better around mile three, not as sluggish, but I was just out for a run.  I ran up some of my hills and walked up others.  I do like running when I don't have the "before work" deadline looming on me.

It was a nice cool morning.  I felt far better after the run than before.  That usually is what happens!

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  1. My running has been sluggish of late too, never that fun. I find that curiously, running more has kicked my legs into a smoother gear.

    Love the outfit!


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