Monday, October 6, 2014

Countdown to Uwharrie: 2 Weeks Out

I'm getting kind of messed up with my countdown. All I know now it's  October 6th and my race is October 18.

This has been a very good week of training. My stress level is way down (no longer 8/10, more like a 3/10, aka normal).  The Coach is back and now I'm feeling accountable, which means I'm running my schedule and not dodging workouts just 'cuz I'm tired from work.

This is a very good time to feel *back in the grove* since I've got a 100 mile race in two weeks.

Today Yesterday was my 17 mile run. My last long run before Uwharrie. It needs to be a trail run, hopefully the ups and downs of the trail at Salt Fork will help mimic the up/down at  Uwharrie.  I was not able to really train on "technical" training as I believe the Uwharrie 100 course will be..but I did finsh The Ring, and I like running on rocks. Being such a fan of the Massanutten Trail,  I am thinking I should feel very at home on the  Uwharrie and Dutchman's Trail at the Uwharrie.

I had a pretty good run. I brought my hiking poles with me. On "close" trails, meaning the trails are a bit overgrown, if you are *running* hiking poles slow you down.  I was doing 18 minute miles with these poles, and a bit frustrated. I stashed them along the trail where I could easily extract afterwards, from the roads, and my pace increased. Sweet. 

17 miles in 4.44. Okay pace. I could have ate more but didn't pat down my pack to see what I had with me.

I had an absolutely horrible night sleeping Sunday night with a 530am wake up call for work. I decided in advance to bail on my workout.

I got my filing cabinet painted coral after work and a bit more gear sorted in my new running/workout space downstairs.

 The sorting is important since I need to get stuff organized to fly out of town next Thursday.

 Sock monkeys are just so cheerful...

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